4 Bottle Winter Ales Gift Pack


Four of our premium craft beers included in the gift pack:

  • 2 x Black As Yer’ At (4.3%) – Our dark, flavourful winter black beer is richly roasted and delicately hopped, discover its subtle hints of chocolate and lingering finish.
  • 1 x Thriller (5.0%) – Dark and Mysterious, Hints of chocolate in the malts and real coffee beans carefully selected to unleash a deliriously smooth and creamy finish.
  • 1 x Equinox (5.9%) – Dark & Light, Complex flavours from a combination of bitter chocolate and sweet roasted malt cut with citrus and sharp pineapple.

Contains 4 x 500ml


Four of our premium craft beers:

  • 2 x Black As Yer’ At
  • 1 x Thriller
  • 1 x Equinox

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Weight 3.01 kg

4 Bottle Gift Pack


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Malt character and sweetness is pretty bland, with a weak toasty note as the highlight. Finish is drying, with a lingering hop character and sourness that just doesn't seem right.